About Us

Tivoli Events was founded as an idea from the 90th, and Mrs. Mariam Fouad adopted the idea who is known as one of Egypt Premier Developer in the tourism industry and corporate events management, launched her project “Tivoli Events”

By a group of professionals, with a strong passion for the travel business. Slowly, but surely, we managed to form a strong team which covers all tourist destinations of Egypt. Our main assets are the highly experienced staff which we consider the main element of our success.

Our strength lies in our ability to produce innovative tour products, events and services. We maintain a team of professionals who dedicatedly study all inbound and outbound requests thoroughly before planning an itinerary to ensure hassle free holidays for our guests. We’re not a chain; we’re an organized network providing service for different travelers and destinations. Through our local network, we’ve created a web of specialized services that can be customized for individual and corporate needs.

As a service provider, we realize that our product cannot be seen or touched; however, it can be customized, enhanced and optimized to make sure we leave our customer with a positive experience and worthwhile memories to take back home.

The spirit to serve, the full understanding of adequate standards of service and the proper communication skills – which are, in a nut shell, conveying honest, accurate and complete information – are, in our modest opinion, the main keys to a successful tourism operation… With this in mind, we built a tour operator honoring this concept.

At Tivoli Events, we promise you an event and travel partner you can rely on, an unmatched level of outstanding services where you can feel confident about the final result.

Tivoli Events commits itself as a leader in promoting the enrichment of mankind and the globalization of the world as we embark on the journey into this century.

Our Vision

converting vision into reality

Our Mission

We believe that our work is not just to get someone from one point to the other; it is the ultimate realization of a pleasurable journey (or event) away from the usual, the normal or the average.

We believe in

√ What make us different than others is our special attention to details, honesty and courteous services.
√ Establish long-lasting partnership with our clients and work on a completely transparent basis.
√ Continuously improve our existing services and develop new products and added values.
√ Prove to our partners that we are reliable, trustworthy and honest.
√ Never compromise quality to the detriment of the guest.
√ Planning, organizing and operating incentive groups.
√ Management of meetings, conferences and events.

Why Tivoli Events

We are available to work closely with our business partners to help them achieve their business goals and enjoy a journey never to be forget, we are committed to real long term relation offering all required service in parallel with all our partners in hotels and travel providers to maintain highest quality standard and satisfaction with value of money.