Restaurants in Aswan

El Dokka

What’s special about the El Dokka is its unforgettable location. Situated literally in the middle of the Nile River on Elephantine Island, the restaurant has free ferry rides fetching its guests to and fro from the main island! Most guests state the atmosphere of El Dokka as one of its best points–friendly staff, superb view and the general sense of historical richness. The panoramic windows in the restaurant definitely help with beautiful photos! We recommend ordering the eggplant salad, which is hearty and light. Although no alcohol is served, feel free to try out their freshly pressed juices and coffee, which are equally as great. Prices may be slightly higher as compared to local food, but it is still reasonable considering the ferry trip. Cats roam freely around in the restaurant so feel free to pat them too!
Food mood: Oriental & Grilled
Max. Capacity:
Opening hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Branches: Hessa Island
Dress Code: Casual


Or Al Makka, has been consistently commended for their great hygiene, good food, and friendly staff. Its specialty is the stuffed pigeon, which you can opt for a rice of fereek stuffing, the latter being a kind of green wheat local to Upper Egypt. Otherwise, the kebab and kofta is also delicious and a far more popular choice for those unfamiliar with Egyptian cuisine. Here’s a tip, should you want lamb chops or veal, be sure to visit for lunch and not dinner, for it runs out quickly.

Craving vegetables? Try out the molokhia, a traditional soup to be eaten with rice. The name of the dish derives from its main ingredient, green Molohia leaves which are made into a paste and boiled with soup. Although while ordering, make sure you order by weight as compared to a meal as it is significantly cheaper. Do visit for authentic Aswan food!

Food mood:                        Oriental & Grilled

Max. Capacity:

Opening hours:                 12:00 – 00:00

Branches:                            Downtown

Dress Code:                        Casual

Signature 1902

Serving fine French cuisine, the signature restaurant of the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract hotel is a picture of elegance. The restaurant has a charming and nostalgic name: 1902, to remind one of the historic elegance that was associated with fine dining. The restaurant was originally was the main hall where the king Abbas Helmy ll entertained guests, Queen Victoria, during the opening of the old Aswan Dam in 1902.
The dining experience resembles a mix of a magical decadence and classic Arabic warmness, an alluring and highbrow atmosphere coupled with exquisite food and wine to match. Guests dine beneath the grand Arabian dome by a Qualaun crypt. The restaurant boasts a breathtaking experience with its dramatic beamed ceilings and walls and classic Oriental styling all blending to create an elegant sensuality that leaves you a warm buzz. The wine list is known to be hefty, so feel free to take your pick to match the connoisseur cuisine that is served. Although a tip to note, formal dress is required for all guests entering the restaurant.
Food mood: French & International
Max. Capacity: 172 person
Opening hours: 12:00 – 00:00
Branches: Sofitel Old Cataract Aswan Hotel
Dress Code: Smart Casual

Chef Khalil

Chef Khalil serves the freshest seafood possible! Their fish is sourced from Lake Nasser and the Red Sea, where you can choose as you wish from a chilled display. The fish is then weighted and priced accordingly, so you can be sure you are paying for quality! The fish can be grilled, baked or fried to your choice and served with salad and rice or French fries.

Occasionally, lobster may be served when available. We recommend the sea bass (a popular choice), the grilled shrimp and seafood soup! Also within walking distance from the train station, this restaurant is highly convenient for travelers out there taking public transport!

Food mood:                        Seafood

Max. Capacity:

Opening hours:                 09:00 – 00:00

Branches:                            Tahrir.

Dress Code:                        Casual


Designed in a Nubian style is located in the Tower wing and boasts beautiful views on the pool and the gardens. The restaurant serves the famous Mövenpick open buffet breakfast, international lunch and dinner.

Food mood:                        International

Max. Capacity:

Opening hours:                 06:00 – 11:30 / 12:30 – 15:00 / 18:30 – 22

Branches:                            Movenpick Aswan

Dress Code:                        Smart Casual

Salah El Din

Serving great Mediterranean and vegetarian food, the Salah El Din is rather popular for its tagines and view of the river Nile. Watch the sun set and ships pass on the Nile while dining on kofti and pizzas. We recommend the freshly pressed mango and strawberry juices and the grilled fish, which is freshly caught and well-seasoned. The restaurant also has an affordable price range, at about 15 Egyptian pounds per meal. If you are a drinker, the Salah El Din is a great place for beer, which might be hard to find in other places at Aswan. Otherwise, the Turkish coffee is also a lovely option!

Food mood:                        Grilled

Max. Capacity:

Opening hours:                 24 hours

Branches:                            Korniche EL Nile

Dress Code:                        Casual